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Hanger 18, SC

...desperately shilling for comments since 2003.

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Yeah, I'm Luke. @wheee.

Anyways, I guess most of you know me. I grew up in New York, but am a South Carolinian now. I collect and review horror, read comics, watch wrestling, like the New York Mets, and waaaay too much kaiju. I know a good beer and I know a good sausage. And oh yeah, I'm Italian.

Oh yeah: BUY THIS BOOK! Trust me.

Also, buy this one too.

Central Tenants:

-Those who say they live without regrets live in denial.
-The world operates on the concept of "gentle indifference."
-"No matter how complex your life is, you always get to pick what you have for lunch." Denny Crane, "Boston Legal."
-"Ahh, fresh bread!" Harvey Pekar, "American Splendor."
-"Being poor is bad, staying that way is stupid." John "Bradshaw" Layfield.
-"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves..." Cassius, Julius Caesar
-"My America is downright awesome!" John "Bradshaw" Layfield.
-"Monsters are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, that is their tragedy." Ishirō Honda
-"The world don't want to be saved... only left alone!" Megadeth, "Elysian Fields"
-"Judge not lest ye be judged yourself!" Metallica, "Holier Than Thou"
-"In denim and leather, we were all part of one force... knocked rock 'n' roll on it's ass, and put metal on the course!" Megadeth, "Back In The Day"
-"Things wished for, once received, rarely turn out the way they seemed, in our dreams." Jigsaw

Will Work For Charge Codes.
american dad, aquaman, argento, augusta lynx, avengers, bacon, barugon, baseball, basketball, battlestar galactica, beer, black lightning, black manta, boxing, buzzsaw, capitalism, captain britain, carolina hurricanes, carolina panthers, chaos dwarves, charles bronson, charlotte bobcats, cheerwine, christian cage, christopher daniels, clemson, clemson tigers, clemson university, comics, daleks, darkwing duck, dc, dick togo, disaster movies, dr. mccoy, dreadnoks, dvds, dwarves, ec comics, electricity, excalibur, forever people, frankenstein, frogger, frogs, fulci, futurama, gamera, games, george kennedy, gi joe, giant singh, gigan, godzilla, harmonica, heavy metal, helloween, hero for hire, heroes for hire, hockey, hoist, horror, hot dogs, hourman, ig-88, invisible hand, iron fist, iron grenadiers, iron maiden, iron man, jason vorhees, jbl, joe patroni, john bradshaw layfield, jsa, kaientai, kaientai dx, kaiju, kamen rider, lance crackers, luke cage, magmar, major bludd, marvel, megadeth, mens teioh, mer-man, mikal adryan, monsters, mother box, motormaster, motu, mr. terrific, mystery science theater 3000, new avengers, new excalibur, new gods, new york mets, nightcrawler, nwa anarchy, one man mafia, phantom of the paradise, power man, power rangers, pro wrestling noah, raven, robocop, rock lords, rodan, root beer, rum, sausage, sentai, shiryu, shoichi funaki, smackdown!, spot the frog, star trek, star wars, stunticons, submarauder, superheroes, taka michinoku, teenage frankenstein, tempest, the devil's robot, the flash, the great khali, the phantom, theater hopper, titanium, titanium man, tna, transformers, tyranids, ultraman, uncle scrooge, vault of horror, venom, viras, war that time forgot, warhammer, weird war tales, werewolf by night, wildrider, wizard of id, wrestling, zoidberg, zombies